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Is there really advanced training in the marital arts?

No, there is simply training. The mind tends to assign labels to things so when one achieves black belt and when one starts to learn complex techniques they may seem to be advanced. In reality they are simply new things that are not familiar and the brain has no ready references to associate to the activity. This makes it seem complex and difficult until the mind encodes the activity.

There are levels of training. Consider being born and as you observe the world you perceive things which are encoded in the mind and when the mind encounters like stimuli it takes the encoded information and either uses it or modifies it along side other stimuli encoded to form new responses. As you continue to experience through the senses the encoding builds, adjusts, and creates.

In karate or any martial system we begin and build as we progress. It is a matter of building on each level to create many responses to many stimuli to act accordingly. Only the human mind can achieve such wondrous things. If some event occurs the mind finds a response and in the absence of an appropriate one it continues to retrieve things that make up what it perceives is a proper response. Sometimes it is accurate and sometimes not - training can massage a built-on-the-fly response into one appropriate to the stimuli.

It may seem like your learning an advanced technique. It may seem that way because your mind may believe that it is so simply because it is not allowed until you reach a certain belt level. I have seen higher level black belts practice what is believed to be advanced where other systems actually provide the same in lower level non-black belt instruction.

In Isshinryu some have come to believe certain kata are advanced kata in other systems which are taught to kyu grades in Isshinryu. This simple statement promotes a belief that Isshinryu at its fundamentally basic teachings is more advanced than other systems - NOT.

Fundamental basics of any system are simply encoded responses, etc. that are then used to build and expand on adding to your knowledge, understanding, and proficiency - nothing advanced about it. Look at learning the fundamental principles of martial systems as basics. Look at them as you gain experience over time and practice as strengthening those fundamental principles. Or, if you wish think of this as basics to advanced fundamental principles. Reality says they are not changed. The words seem to promote basic and advanced learning and training.

Humph! Think of what Morpheus told Neo, "Do you believe that my being stronger or faster has anything to do with my muscles in this place? Do you think that's air you're breathing now?"

Free your mind. Lose the terms basic and advanced. Spend the time, effort, and energy just learning your system.

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