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"Read not to contradict and confute; nor to believe and take for granted; nor to find talk and discourse; but to weigh and consider..." - Francis Bacon

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Belief or How I Should Have Address the CFA Article

When I first read the article I almost assumed that it was true. One reason is I believed one of the sources to be accurate and factual. I also assumed that because it came out in a periodical that I respected as a good source on traditional/classical martial arts it must be accurate in its content. These are all because I "believed" certain things only to find out that my beliefs and assumptions, although good, were in this case not accurate.

I was thrilled to see an article on the system/branch of karate I love to practice and train at. I was thrilled that one of the supposed sources was someone I respected and admired for the efforts this person has and is going to for the art of Isshinryu and out of respect for Tatsuo-san. But once again those beliefs, as they often do, influenced my mind into initially accepting something that was not true.

Belief is a very strong part of human nature. It is belief that drives us, protects us and helps us to survive and evolve. When a belief becomes something written in stone then we have the danger of stagnation, misunderstandings and conflict. This is especially true when one fails to make adjustments to a belief as time passes, evolution progresses and environment, etc. require we change. This has happened in today's Isshinryu. 

One such belief has become so ingrained in one individual that it has resulted in lies, misunderstandings and misconceptions that are hurtful and wrong not to forget inaccurate and incorrect. This one individual has allowed their own beliefs and other such mundane issues as power and control to reduce their maturity to a level of a monkey driven child who does not know any better and cause actions and accusations toward others that is uncalled for and unnecessary and hurtful to the evolution and growth of Isshinryu. 

We encounter many things in life that will challenge our beliefs. When challenged our nature is instinctually to resist and refute even when it is necessary, correct, accurate and validated but that is simply to urge us to question critically the new information in an unbiased way so we can perceive and possibly accept it making for new and improved beliefs. 

Shamefully this is not happening in the case of the CFA Isshinryu article in the recent issue. This is shameful and a shame that it caused such a uproar among our brethren in Isshinryu. It is a shame and disappointment that we have failed as karate-ka, Isshinryu'ist and simple human beings to allow it to frustrate, infuriate and push us into childish and immature actions that are hurtful and out and out mean spirited. 

I am shamed I allowed myself to get drawn into the bitter battle that is not needed, not necessary and absolutely the most unproductive things possible. It does more to harm both persons and Isshinryu than promote solidarity and symbiosis in the light of camaraderie and social cohesion of all practitioners.  

In lieu of a brotherhood of Isshinryu practitioners we are simply dividing and concurring an idea, a belief and a system inspired by a true luminary named Tatsuo Shimabuku Sensei. At this particular moment in time I believe that Tatsuo-san is rolling over in pain and anguish at our actions and deeds today. 

I am truly disappointed we all have failed to overcome the dogma of one belief when belief is a living thing that must grow and prosper as the human body grows and prospers as it ages. It is a sad, sad day that we have stooped to back biting childish behaviors and all I can say is "stop it," "grow up," and "let us all get along as karate-ka and simple human beings!"

Speaking Up - Correction

It has come to my attention that I made an egregious error in my posting of information in the previous "Speaking Up I & II posts here." I misquoted and posted without permission. This is unforgivable and I have no excuses. 

In a nutshell I can only say that Andy Sloane has spent his efforts working on behalf of Isshinryu with the highest of honor and dedication. He is a solid, outstanding and dedicated Isshinryu practitioner who has received the type of attention that can only come from those who have missed the entire way of karate and missed being honorable men and women. He does not deserve the attacks he has endured since the article in CFA came out. 

He had nothing to do with the content as it was published and is trying diligently with honor and honesty to make sure folks know that this is on CFA and the editors entirely and completely. 

Nuff said, my sincerest apologies to Andy Sloane. I admire and respect his work and efforts and ask for his forgiveness in my transgression. 

As to Advincula, it is just bad, bad, bad.

As to Sensei Chester Moyle, I also must submit my deepest apologies for the mistake I made and for the  resulting effects it had. I do hope that he will also allow for my incorrect and egregious error.