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Why aren't we changing the kata?

Change kata? Blasphemy man, you don't change the kata. This is the blueprint on how the master's who created these systems taught the kata and you just don't do that - change the kata, blasphemous dude, hang him from the highest yard arm!

The kata practice in Isshinryu is the kata  taught that is watered down to fit the school systems where karate was implemented at the turn of the century, i.e. early 1900's. We can say that this is not true and the kata are simply displaying the kicks and punches of this system which is thought of in some circles as only an impact system - not true in my view.

We can say that those deadlier techniques originally taught in Naha, Shuri, and Tomari Ti systems is hidden behind those fundamental punches and kicks, not true. The techniques were simply removed so that it would not cause concern when taught in the school systems on both Okinawa and Japan.

So, if this is true then those few who have re-discovered the deadlier defensive techniques of the kata should convert said kata back to its more effective and proficient techniques. If a down block is actually a means of grappling a threat to the ground then it should reflect the true bunkai.

How come we tend to remain in a mode where the traditional kata are still practiced and the defensive aspects are "extrapolated" from those generic moves? This seems open to error. Isn't this why kata has fallen from grace? The kata were taught watered down and may or may not have included the actual effective aspects thus leaving those ignorant to reality and thus propagate incorrect and ineffective marital systems such as karate.

In a nutshell, those who have achieved a more defensive fighting aspect from their traditional kata have the information, skill and knowledge to change the kata back to the classic practice/versions. Is it attributable to a dogmatic doctrine of "don't change the masters system, teach it the same way he taught it" forever?

I say, take the kata back to the classical form and leave it intact. Let those more commercial systems or sportive systems use old man or school children versions for the form in competition - pretty, pretty; point, point; win trophy, win trophy. If kata reflects the true defensive fighting bunkai then you can extrapolate additional defensive fighting bunkai from them. Makes sense to me!

Caveat: never change kata for change sake. change must come from long experience, knowledge and ability in the forum it is practiced. If for fighting, then it should reflect it. If for sport, then it should reflect it.

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