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At what age should one stop sparring, fighting, etc.?

First, if it is in regards to a persons voluntarily fighting for practice and training or in competition, etc. then the age depends on the person. I watched a video of a fighter from MMA who had the last fight at age 47. He explained his reasons and they seemed reasonable and valid. It was, for him, a personal thing and kudo's to him for doing it on his terms.

I am fifty-seven and the last time I trained in fighting/sparring was about six years ago. So, I was fifty-one. My Sensei was about the same age on Okinawa in 79 and stopped training in karate altogether two years later, say around 53-55 years. Personally, I think that is stretching it a bit.

Fighting, etc. is a young person's endeavor (I deliberately did not use the term young man's "game" cause to me it ain't a game). I feel sorry for those who can't let it go and find that the reason mostly concerns the fear of aging and the ego/pride driven machismo that causes us to try and keep up with young folk. Sorry guys, it is the way I feel.

In regards to instructing/teaching martial arts I believe you can go, with some deliberate reduction in the intent, etc., all the way to a real old age. Your spending more of your time demonstrating what your teaching and then allow the younger tori-uke's to train "hard" for fighting or self-protection/defense, etc.

It depends and it is a question for each individual and no one else should make it for them especially "expectations and I dare you mentality persons." In this case you don't have to keep up with the Joneses - you already proved yourself over and over again, right?

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