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Why do we have to learn empty hand before weapons in karate?

Mokuren Dojo Blog says, " http://www.mokurendojo.com/2011/07/does-weapon-teach-hand.html ," so read first for a very interesting take on this question from two viewpoints, i.e. Filipino and Japanese martial arts.

This particular discussion has gone on for the entire span of martial arts in America. Everyone has their opinions with both the pro's and the con's which from my perspective is just an opinion - nothing more, nothing less.

So, how would I answer that from my system+viewpoint? I feel that karate and kobudo, although combined in most karate dojo, are totally and completely separate systems. Kobudo stands on its own merits. Karate stands on its own merits.

I also believe it depends on the goals of the practitioner. If their interest is in the Asian weapons systems then kobudo all by itself is perfectly doable and acceptable. The same goes for an interest in empty hand systems. Personally, I prefer leaning all and as much as I can of empty hand in my system with familiarity in others which comes at a mid point in training and practice of my system. The fundamental principles of martial systems transcends this differentiation yet it takes a good while to achieve proficiency in one discipline for principles than to create possible confusion by trying to learn and apply principles in two distinct/separate systems like karate and kobudo.

Lastly, I believe if your practice is for self-protection, not sport, then weapons serve no real purpose because to use them in a self-protection or self-defense situation is considered aggressive and fighting which is "illegal." Even karate traditional if not applied according to the laws, beliefs, and customs of a particular society can be viewed in the same light. It matters.

As to the statement that kobudo either does or does not enhance your empty hand ability is also up for debate and for me I feel it is poppy kosh. It can feel different especially in the beginning yet I feel once that initial feeling passes it is a moot point. Last, if your mind and body can differentiate and learn two systems at one time adequately then go for it, otherwise, make a decision which you want. Stick to that decision until you feel confident, you not someone else, you can move on.

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