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Why do we use Japanese terminology and other Asian customs when we practice a martial art?

Good question. My answer is mine from my perspective. I cannot speak to all those out there who may have differing opinions and perceptions. I see it on several levels.

First, is the one that makes a person feel like they are involved in something unique, mystical and authenticate. It doesn't matter that none of us has the training, understanding, cultural beliefs and life that would make us fluent in Asian ways. We tend to pick and choose to fit our own idea's and what makes it exciting and fun is what we do vs. getting deeply involved in the entire way, i.e. budo, culture and beliefs not to forget living as Asians. 

Second, there are those who use such things as a means of promotion. Not promotion as in belts but rather commercial income driven promotion. Knowing that many assume that adhering to such things Asian makes it true, authenticate and valid they use the terms and others accouterments to entice the uninitiated into signing contracts and paying big monies to achieve a black belt status with all that it may or may not entail. 

Third, is the egoistic reasoning that all things with power, prestige and cultish economic gain that boosts the pride and builds the ego along with overcoming low self-esteem issues so they dive in with a fervor unparalleled anywhere to give the perceptions and impressions of greatness, etc. 

Some will read this and be offended. Some will say, hey you use this stuff. Yes, I do, for my own education and to pass along material that I feel benefits the understanding of the heritage that rides with martial systems. Like anything worth learning you may want to encompass all aspects including the history, culture and beliefs of those who pass this stuff down to us. That in and of itself connects us to the past, present and prepares us for the future. Knowing the past means we learn from it and are able to NOT repeat mistakes past made. 

At one time I used the karate-gi, the obi's and some of the language and terms but not anymore. I am a westerner and American so I tend to try and teach that way but I do write about it so others can decide and absorb value as to their needs, wants and requirements. This is now more academia and if it gives us choices that are of value then so be it.

In closing, I am not Asian, Japanese or Okinawan. I am not fluent in either Japanese or Uchinaguchi so I won't try to use it except in making a point in some lesson. My gaol is to use such things to gain attention with the hopes that it will lead to knowledge and understanding for each person who reads my stuff. I enjoy reading, seeing or hearing terms and other things about martial systems so I can validate what it is and find answers to help me better understand what it is I do. 

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