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Why do we do repetitive basic waza?

Repetition is one way to encode things so they become instinctive but there are limits. One, simply performing repetitive techniques without additional mental intent is only good for health and physical fitness. It won't be there when you need it.

Even repetitive basic techniques must be taken to the next level to work and to benefit the way. If you don't visualize then take them into the uke-tori dynamics with both predefined and chaotic methods of practice it won't be there when you need it.

Mind-set, intent, context and more are a necessary part of practicing budo, karate goshin-jutsu-do. You just can't rely on doing only the movement.

Oh, lets not forget the fundamental principles of martial arts, i.e. basics or basic techniques are a means to train, practice and forge those into your tool box. You want the right tool for the right job, right?


  1. A means to understand this issue is via the distinction between training and stress training provided by stress exposure training or stress inoculation training. Basically 'training' involves training proficiency in the technique. 'Stress training' involves training the technique to work in stressful circumstances, e.g. combat. A tool that is used in the training phase to facilitate the use of the technique in the stress training phase is 'overlearning.' Repetition of the technique overlearns the technique which, in theory, facilitates its use in an operational environment.

  2. I think that repetitions without intention are so many wasted opportunities.