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What is "Ki," really?

Ki [気]

True ki, my theory. There are stories and posts on "ki" as an energy. A term for the martial arts that is most often thought of as a form of energy with no real definition to attach but here in this post I will try to convey my theory, my perception, as to what "ki" is.

Ki is a combination of things with the three main essentials being "spirit, mind, and body." This is insufficient to convey a meaning understandable to all who practice martial arts.

So, lets start with spirit. How does one develop and strengthen spirit and how does that add to ki in the overall fundamental meaning of energy? Mind-set, attitude and intestinal fortitude to name a few. Development of the spirit through these and other traits that strengthen the mind and by that strengthen the body.

Have you ever witnessed a person of large size with an appearance of great strength who when confronted by the unknown huddles and sniffles like a new born scared baby? When you defeat an opponent who outweighs you is it strength of body, mind or spirit - try spirit, that attitude and belief of self that allows you to do amazing things.

Ki is composed of spirit.

Now, how about the mind. The level of strength within the mind governs how the body acts, reacts or takes actions. It can make the difference in whether one can move mountains or simply roll up on the floor in a ball and become like a child. Tasking and straining the mind can be done by confronting your greatest fears and by physically taking your body, thus your mind, to beyond its perceived limits into exhaustion - shugyo.

Witness how masters of marital arts in the late or winter years of life can still take on young strong athlete type martial artists with apparent ease or stop an attacker by their mere presence.

Ki is composed of mind.

Third, lets talk about body. This one is last but important for it has effects and affects all three for it is how we handle our bodies that brings about a stronger spirit and mind. It is tasking the body to do things that are perceived as far and above individual capability to demonstrate that there are no limits of the body thus the spirit and mind that cannot be reached if all three are wholeheartedly and holistically practiced, trained and applied in both martial arts and life.

The body needs a variety of things to become strong and to be able to endure and act at its absolute peak. Mental attitude is first for it feeds a stronger chemical dump from the brain and other chemical body producing areas for maximum body efficiency in everyday activities to combat modes. Then there is its yin of fuel, the foods that are burned by the body to give the cells, muscles, bones, mind and spirit the fuel to generate the fire that is energy - ki.

What you put in for fuel is also a determinate as to energy levels and how well that energy is dispersed to the body, mind and spirit. The body also needs a mixture, like fuel and air for the combustion engine, so proper breathing methods are necessary to get the right mixture's to burn the fuel that runs the body, mind and spirit.

Mix in a bit more mechanics so the body is at its best, i.e. learning and applying fundamental principles that maximize the bodies functioning in all area's of physical movement, etc. Things like economic movement, body alignment and posture are but a few directly affecting the body and its efficiency. This efficiency also determines the amount of energy applied in movement and in the final technique application. The more the body or fundamentals are deviated from in application the greater the drain of energy internally that will not be applied externally and efficiency drops burning fuel inefficiently taking away maximum energy consumption and use.

Ki is composed of the body.

This explanation is far from complete. Ki is not some mystical energy that is like magic but a completely physical and psychological manifestation of efficiency that promotes what can be perceived as magical actions. Ki is what is generated and used when the mind perceives a great danger that allows small petite women to lift a car to save a child, their child. The difference is spirit and mind because the body when treated and used justly, correctly and efficiently can already do wondrous things.

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