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When does a word or term changes its meaning?

Often we hear comments or read posts as to what a term means in relation to how it is being used along with that meaning. Does that even make sense. So today the question arose, "when does a word assume a new meaning?" Then, "is this even possible?"

First question, apparently a word or term or phrase can assume different meanings. It is not always dictated as to English by the dictionary definition. It can change according the the culture and their beliefs when they use a term, word or phrase. Often, in the past anyway, when it is used enough and accepted by a larger body of people it is often added to the dictionary as another meaning along with its relation causing the change.

Not to far in the past a city near where I live tried to even get a city ordnance/law to declare the slang usage of a particular culture/group to be accepted as a language. It, in my opinion, would have been a huge mistake if it had passed but that is how it comes about sometimes.

Usually the word, term or phrase new meaning is not far off from its original intended meaning. It is sometimes simply a modified version to suit the situation and the new intent. A bit like pronouncing tomato where the "a" is stressed one way or the other but with the same end meaning.

The Japanese language and kanji/kana characters are more fluid than the English dictionary. This is a blessing and a curse for it makes it difficult for Westerners to know "exactly" its meaning and it also makes it difficult for Japanese too. Often their words and characters take on different meanings as to when, how and who uses it. One word means one thing if used in a martial art content and another in a say arts and crafts content.

What am I getting at here, well the use of words, terms and phrases in our practice of karate-jutsu-so like the use of karate to encompass almost anything that is Asian sport oriented systems. MMA, grappling, aikido, etc. in a lot of instances will be billed on a training facility as "karate." Then there is the clumping of systems under the moniker of "martial art." Karate is not a martial art per say in my view yet I use that term a lot and so do a lot of others.

If this is incorrect then what do we do. In a nutshell the traditional practitioners will use it correctly, mostly. In general since the entire nation of America and in most probably the world uses it to cover all the sportive versions of the systems to include the mixed or more eclectic forms then its meaning has either "changed" or "been modified" to fit the new meaning.  Is this acceptable? Yes, apparently it is and although I personally would prefer it not it is so I use it.

Why do I use it? Because I believe that it attracts participants and readers, etc. so if they does then maybe the actual content of what is written as to blogging or books or what is said and demonstrated such as in seminars and actual ongoing training it will allow those with serious intent to "change their views and beliefs." I can be absolutely right all day long but if another's beliefs are different it will just be ignored. Change almost always has to come from within the person because they "want to change."

Where I draw the line is when it goes outside sport and into "self-defense or self-protection" against attacks or even more important when it involves those professionals who choose to enter harms path. They must not be deluded, fooled or plain lied too for it means often life or death.

Words, terms and phrases can change meaning and intent. It may not be desirable or beneficial. It can be a means to enter a belief system and cause that belief system to change from within - use it in those contexts with intent to influence possible change.

As each person, group and system assimilates correctness then they can promote it from all their various perspectives so it reaches more folks of like interests. It is a good thing and takes time, must be patient.

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