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Regarding the Art of tameshiwari: Is there some secret to breaking?ta

Yes and no. There is a so-called secret to selecting materials for breaking. I can tell you one of the greater Isshinryu breaking experts would bring his own bricks and not allow anyone from the audience to inspect the bricks.

There are some criteria used to select materials as well as set them up for the actual break. Where most breaks go wrong is incorrectly setting them up and ego and pride resulting in a karate-ka attempting to do something they never practiced or trained for in tameshiwari.

A quick example is with wood. If it is of a certain material and if the grain is not set correctly you can hit it all day long with a sledge hammer and it will never break.

Don't misunderstand, breaking is an art form from my view and has a purpose other than competitive breaking systems. Even with all the stuff you have to account for to make it work it still takes skill, training and spirit to do good breaking.

There are secrets, if you will allow that word, to performing good breaks. One more, there is a reason those two-by-two boards are so long and are broken somewhere midway between the tori's hold on them and the striking area on the wood and the leg or stomach.

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