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Is there a "one-inch" punch?

I do not believe in the ability to apply power with a "one-inch" punch. I believe it is an illusion that fools the uninitiated and sometimes even those who supposedly know the martial arts. I have witnessed many high level experienced folks who fell into such legendary suppositions. You cannot no project "ki" and cause another human to fall and be knocked out and you still see these demonstrated in video's on youtube. If not for the cooperation of the students it would not work. It is just not possible due to nature, nature's natural laws and just plain physics.

If you can find the video of Bruce Lee's demonstration of his one-inch punch and observe it a few times with an open mind you will see how this particular trick is done. There are many factors that when changed and performed by unwilling or uncooperative participants you will see the one-inch punch fail - miserably.

There is no one-inch punch with the type of power you would come to believe is in  such a technique. It just ain't so.


p.s. the secret is that this is not actually a punch that moves only one-inch, it is actually the entire body moving and that movement applies power to the extended arm thus giving you the impression that it is the one-inch punch. Yes, the hand/fist may only move one inch but what makes it impressive is his body movement for power and add in the fact that the target's stance allows for his falling back vs. changing it to a side stance of even a deep seisan-dachi changes the dynamics and would lessen the impressions of a devastating one-inch punch .... there be magic in this here world.

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