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If sense mode is so important, how to I tell which I am? How do I tell which my students are?

I know the answer because I tool the test Dr. Elgin provided in the below book. It has a short one for touch sense and another that provides a clue to whether your sight, sound, or tactual/touch sense dominant. This is the first of all her books that actually gives this big clue. I suspect it was because the burden of recognition falls on the touch dominant person as I feel those are the people most confused as to why things go the way the go for them while sight and hearing tend to fit into the society preference.

I could try to copy the questions here but I feel that would take things a bit to far. It seems that in this case it is best the curious person get the book and read it. There are a lot of things that if taken our of the context the test is given in this book it could lead to confusion. After all, I am not accepting my analysis blindly. I intend to continue my studies to make sure. I suggest this wholeheartedly.

In addition, it is not a polite or acceptable thing to use this test on others. She explains why such things are misinterpreted and misunderstood leaving false impressions of the person. If someone had come up to me and said they believed I was difficult due to being a touch sense person and all that explanations that go with it might have met resistance ergo locking me into my primary sense mode resulting in a huge reality gap for adequate and acceptable communications benefiting us both. Not good.

If you are curious, get the book(s) and read for yourself. Gain the knowledge and see what it brings.

Elgin, Suzette Haden, Ph.D. "Try To Feel It My Way: New Help for Touch Dominant People and Those Who Care About Them." New York: John Wiley & Sons. 1997.

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