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The Eyes, The Ears, and The Touch Modes

Open up your eyes, perk up those ears and let your mind touch your heart because what I am posting today is critical to the art of avoidance. This warrants my changing my copy of the ken-po goku-i by adding an ninth line to the overall paragraph so that it includes touch sensing.

"The mind must grasp all the warm and fuzzy data not seen or heard in all directions and on all sides."

This involves communications because although we are predominantly influenced by the accepted normalcy in society of first sight and secondary hearing we have removed the sense of touch almost completely. I have been informed that this is a recent phenomena. We included all three as major sense modes long before the last century - most of history has all three.

If this is true then we might hypothesize that at least a few fights might have been avoidable if we could be aware when a person drops down into a primary sense mode of touch. Since the majority are classified in sight and hearing when a touch person gets agitated/stressed then when they fall into a strict touch sense mode while all the rest remain in sight sense mode the reality gap is strong and wide. This gap then can only be spanned if one or the other are able to determine the touch sense mode and then assume it as well for all avoidance/deescalation processes.

If this is true how do you know when you are facing a sense mode, especially a touch sense mode? Good question. Since touch has become a taboo topic today you will have to first become aware that a lot of folks are touch sense dominant even if we function in a normal sight/hearing sense world. Once you are aware they exist then learn about it. "Try to Feel It My Way" by Dr. Suzette Haden Elgin, Ph.D.

This also applies to Sensei for mentoring practitioners. Discover their primary sense mode and try to gear your instruction and guidance toward that mode of communications. Recently a blogger posted on that very subject where no matter what they did the Sempai could not adequately convey to that person what it was they were trying to teach. The person got very frustrated while the sempai just kept in that sense loop that was not the persons primary sense mode. A reality gap where the person walked away with out that new knowledge.

If the sempai has been aware of and sensitive to sense mode of the person they might have devised a means to convey the knowledge where that person would learn and not become frustrated, etc.

As for the taste and smell, these tend to be non-existent regarding a communications primary sense mode.

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