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Why don't you compete in tournaments?

I participated in tourney's on Okinawa. I even joined the OKRA or Okinawa Karate Referee Association. I discovered quickly that many factors were involved in how they were run and who were awarded place, i.e. first, second, etc. I originally participated simply because that was what you did and what was expected of you - much more prevalent in today's martial communities.

I began to shift my paradigm. It was a slow process simply because at the time there were few who actually knew and understood true martial practice. They were there, just not as readily available as today with the Internet, Blogs, Youtube, Facebook, Yahoo Groups and so many more. There are books, books, and more books. There are video's galore. You just have to dig out the weeds and let the seeds of the flowers, plants and trees rise up toward the sun and bloom.

I began to realize that my perceptions of tournaments and competition were askew - for me. I began to see a more limited benefit of participation. I began to use them to build on my mental training. I never placed so I decided to let the activity become my Sensei, one of many. As a Sensei it has plenty to offer and I ignore all the rest.

Going in front of humans whether a few or a whole building full is powerfully stressful. I used it to train my mind to deal better with stress and all the physical affects it triggered. I used my opponent to train my mind to get in quick, close, and end the fight. Even if the referee's didn't see it or acknowledge it I knew when I connected - it would show on my opponents face. Sometimes I was quickly disqualified. This is the direction I decided to travel until ...

Until things got so convoluted and political that I felt there was no longer a need to participate other than to help my dojo participants, those who looked to me for leadership and I looked to for lessons and learning, participate to train the mind and get the body used to punishment. All the way up till the time I noticed a lack of discipline and control in participants - tournament participants. A good example is a youtube film not long ago showing a referee losing it and blindsiding a competitor.

Good solid morally guided competition is a very good thing. The social environment, if morally and spiritually (not religious) guided, is a very, very, very good thing. It can provide and teach us what it is we do naturally for survival in a mostly non-life threatening setting, that is very good too.

Now, I am fifty-seven, I don't participate because I no longer have that desire. I don't participate as I must allow my body a time to age gracefully. Competition is more a young persons endeavor and if one asks I would say go for it and keep in mind a perspective as to what it is and what you should seek in your participation.

A little competiton in the dojo is cool and a learning experience. This is karate-do. Now, as to karate-jutsu? That is a whole different matter as that involves violence, social and predatory, fighting and proper application of karate-jutsu for protection and survival - totally different.


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  2. Thanks Erica, these comments help me stay grounded and are much appreciated.