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Is there really a one stop or one kill punch in the martial arts?

Ikken Hassatsu or One fist, certain death - "What is Ikken Hissatsu" on Karate by Jesse Blog

Enter this term in google and you get about 15,400 results. You can view either Jesse's blog or the wiki at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ikken_hissatsu for what this is and means - generally or approximately.

My post is to provide a view of this mixim's limitations as written in English. It tends to lead practitioners to the idea that developing their hands/fist on makiwara promotes the ability to achieve death with one punch - fist. I would pose that to have a mixim for karate in a violent encounter, i.e. social and anti-social attacks not sparring or sport, be "End it quickly and with the least amount of damage to yourself." To shorten it up, "End it Now!"

Ima sugu shūryō = 今すぐ終了 = End it now

In reality it is a nice sound bite and many believe it to be so yet my limited understanding tells me the chance anyone can stop violent attacks with one blow be it fist, foot, elbow, etc. is extremely unlikely. Let me also add that to achieve a impact technique of this magnitude also requires a perfect blending of "ALL the martial fundamental principles" at one specific time and against so many different variables it ain't funny.

Heck, most can't achieve that kind of impact technique in a controlled environment against either a heavy bag, makiwara or in sparring. It is not impossible just highly unlikely. This type of thing can blossom into a full blown belief system, which in some circles already has, which could get someone hurt.

Imagine those who thought the big knuckles and the ability to break things meant they could stop someone with one impact technique. In reality it will most likely end up with a broken appendage and an ass whoopin - at the minimum.

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