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Does kata really teach to fight multiple attackers?

If you want it to. In my practice kata does not teach you to fight. Kata is the blueprint to practice martial technique. It is used to draw out actual martial, in my case karate, technique which the practitioner must put together on the fly to apply them using fundamental martial principles.

Kata teaches you to apply those principles. It is the traditional documentation of waza that "work." Work in regards to their intent yet they still are "adjustable" to learn and implement regardless to the time, i.e. 1800's vs. 21st century.

It trains you to move, maintain posture, maintain body alignment, apply body mechanics, etc. so it does plenty. It provides us the tools to achieve efficiency in applying karate techniques toward an attacker.

Just take a moment to look at the principles of martial power and you will readily see how kata applies to instruction, etc. To go completely into how kata are used is extensive. Lawrence Kane and Kris Wilder wrote a book on kata and that was only a part of it.

Ok, now you have my view on kata but back to the question in particular, does kata teach to fight multiple opponents? No, but I will admit that once a person achieves a certain level of proficiency that kata can be utilized to provide fundamental instruction and practice in fighting more than one person.

Yet, how often do folks actually encounter multiple attackers. In my view seldom. When it involves multiple persons I suspect and theorize that it usually involves the "group monkey dance" which can be avoided.

Lets also remember the "adrenaline dump effects." Very few have the ability to overcome the tunnel visioning, etc. so how on earth can you expect to be aware and reactive to multiple persons attacking? Not likely for most of us and even those who are professionals have posted or written that it still takes great effort to achieve success here. So, how can the regular "joe or sue" achieve this level of expertise in the dojo? Not likely but then again it is fun to try and achieve some practice drills that allow us to experience a bit of the pressure, etc. of facing several opponents.

Lets be real, most folks will never encounter multiple attackers and if they do it will most likely, in my opinion, be a surprise violent attack designed well in advance by the attackers to overwhelm you where you will not be able to act. If your lucky to break the freeze and have just enough mind left you may be able to flee, maybe, but there are so many variables that remain fluid and chaotic it ain't funny.

My final advice, have fun with the idea and train if you will but remember that you must tell yourself that this is not realistic and that you are not able to realistically train to deal with multiple attacks. SD is doable but remain realistic, train to avoid, deescalate, etc.

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