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"One thing has always been true: That book ... or ... that person who can give me an idea or a new slant on an old idea is my friend." - Louis L'Amour

"Ideally, your self-defense will never get physical. Avoiding the situation and running or talking you way out - either of these is a higher order of strategy than winning a physical battle." - Wise Words of Rory Miller, Facing Violence: Chapter 7: after, subparagraph 7.1:medical

"Read not to contradict and confute; nor to believe and take for granted; nor to find talk and discourse; but to weigh and consider..." - Francis Bacon

Warning, Caveat and Note: The postings on this blog are my interpretation of readings, studies and experiences therefore errors and omissions are mine and mine alone. The content surrounding the extracts of books, see bibliography on this blog site, are also mine and mine alone therefore errors and omissions are also mine and mine alone and therefore why I highly recommended one read, study, research and fact find the material for clarity. My effort here is self-clarity toward a fuller understanding of the subject matter. See the bibliography for information on the books.

Note: I will endevor to provide a bibliography and italicize any direct quotes from the materials I use for this blog. If there are mistakes, errors, and/or omissions, I take full responsibility for them as they are mine and mine alone. If you find any mistakes, errors, and/or omissions please comment and let me know along with the correct information and/or sources.

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What is the best source for a beginner to learn about self defense?

Many might say that a person should seek out a martial arts training facility that specializes in self-defense yet I don't feel that is adequate. A person intent on following this path must first learn and understand what they are seeking and that comes from knowledge.

Knowledge may get you to thinking, well I don't want to get into a fight or be attacked to gain knowledge of what I need to know and you may ask, "Where can I learn about this before I look for training?" I would make some recommendations but as of today I have received the one "starter book" for the uninitiated and inexperienced that will give them some working knowledge so if they feel they still need to seek out training they will have a foundation of knowledge that will allow them to "ask the right questions."

Asking the "right questions" is critical. Critical so you will achieve your true goals and critical so you are not "fooled" into a false sense of security and critical to save you from spending your good hard earned cash on something that will NOT provide security and SELF-DEFENSE.

Start here:

This book can be the cornerstone to self defense!
If you finish this book, the primer to facing violence of all kinds, then if you still feel it necessary to pursue training then I suggest you continue on with:

Miller, Rory. Meditations on Violence: A Comparison of Martial Arts Training & Real World Violence. YMAA Publications. 2008

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MacYoung, Marc. No Nonsense Self Defense: http://www.nononsenseselfdefense.com/

MacYoung, Marc and Miller, Rory. Conflict Communications: http://www.conflictcommunications.com/index.htm
Otto, Frandon. Use of Force: http://www.useofforce.us/

MacYoung, Marc. "A Professional's Guide to Ending Violence Quickly: How Bouncers, Bodyguards, and Other Security Professionals Handle Ugly Situations." Paladin Press. Boulder, Colorado. 1996.

MacYoung, Marc. "Violence, Blunders, and Fractured Jaws: Advanced Awareness Techniques and Street Etiquette." Paladin Press. Boulder, Colorado. 1992.

Chiron Blog by Rory Miller: http://chirontraining.blogspot.com/

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