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Was the Ken-po Goku-i actually a very important document in the development of Isshinryu?

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Reading a statement on the web concerning the value of the ken-po goku-i or the "Secrets of the Fist Way," taken from the Bubishi, is reportedly what is stated, a very important document to Tatsuo Sensei's efforts to create his own system of Okinawan karate-do. Is this true?

Now, as to the source of this statement I have to say that there is no reason I can fathom to refute this statement yet in my efforts to learn and understand I can not say emphatically that this statement is true/truth. Why?

In all the efforts to research the matter there has been absolutely nothing said, written, documented, passed down, passed along to anyone, American or Okinawan, that states its purpose and value to karate-do. We can infer a lot from our studies yet nothing to verify, validate, or explain it or its purpose other than this one statement.

Andy Sloane Sensei who is stationed on Okinawa and active in Isshinryu had this to say about my question: "This is not anything I've been able to come across in my research, and there are precious few senior Okinawan 1st-gen students left who even MIGHT be able to answer this.  It appears, though I could be wrong, that Tatsuo Sensei did not give out silk diplomas until after the Agena dojo opened in late 1957.  I would just have to guess that Tatsuo Sensei felt it was important enough to give it to them so much so that he had an English-language translation drafted by someone to assist in their understanding of the deeper meanings of their training. ... and ... he also stated as to the English-language translation ... y the way, you do know that the kanji for the precept 'The body should be able to change directions at any time' does not actually say that, right? Likewise, the kanji does not say 'The time to strike is when the opportunity presents itself.'"

Sloane Sensei has dedicated a lot of energy and effort to clarify various teachings of the Isshinryu system so I do consider him and expert in Isshinryu History, customs, and courtesies.

Personally, I find the ken-po goku-i, in its original/exact English form with Kanji, a valuable document in many things not just karate-do. I find its connections to the I Ching and other Ancient Chinese Books, etc. of even greater value. If nothing else it has taught me to seek out things way outside the box for both martial practice and other aspects of living this life of human being.

Now directly answering the original question, no one can say that it was or was not a very important document in the development of Isshinryu. We can theorize all we want yet Tatsuo Sensei is gone and since he cannot answer the question and his son, Kichero, cannot answer the question either then there is NO ONE who can validate the statement.

I can say if I wish, "The Ken-po Goku-i was directly responsible for influencing Tatsuo Sensei in his development and practice of Isshinryu!" I can also say, "The Ken-po Goku-i was NOT directly responsible for influencing Tatsuo Sensei in any way, form, fashion, etc., in his development and practice of Isshinryu!" Either way, can't prove the statement as either true or false, period!

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