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Why is it so "IMPORTANT" to us as to lineage?

I may have posted on this before. I read a blog today that spoke of this topic so it kind of spurred me to give my "opinion." I still don't really understand why folks tend to speak of linage as if the closer you are to the founder of a system the greater your teachings and knowledge. It is like, to my mind at this moment, saying because I studied directly under Tatsuo Sensei I have some insight and ability to teach/practice/instruct that others are missing.

This brings to mind the ken-po goku-i silk certificate Tatsuo Sensei provided early practitioners. Today, much like lineage, it seems to denote some special status that I cannot fathom. I would look at the silk certificate literally as a keepsake that has value only to me and to him yet to take it further seems ludicrous because its perceive importance tends to loose steam when you find out the holder has no clue to its purpose, meaning, relation to Tatsuo, and to the spirit/custom/beliefs of the founder even if that is important.

Maybe I feel this way and spout of like this because I can't say that I studied directly under Tatsuo Sensei, etc. Maybe it has something to do with "family connections" such as family history and lineage. Knowing one's history can tell that person a lot and even provide them some means of knowledge that helps them in their current life yet in reality it means something of significance ONLY to that person, no one else. It does not provide some special status either, just a way to learn of our customs, history, family, and past. We can and do learn from our past YET once again it does not indicate some special status in society.

In reality, what you currently know and practice is of greater importance. It is meaningful to you, the practitioner, and your Sensei, no one else. Just because your Sensei studied under so-n-so and his so-n-so under another back to the founder. I can say emphatically that I have witnessed at least one person who studied under Tatsuo Sensei directly, sorta, that because they lack the ability to "teach/instruct" and they are missing the "basics-fundamentals" that what they passed on is not really what Tatsuo Sensei passed to his so called first generation American students.

Then again  cause I can't lay claim to a special lineage it could mean I am just jealous. But, then again, it is my blog and my opinion and if your not agreeing then either leave or comment or just do nothing and disagree or agree as you wish ... cool!

Oh, you want my lineage? Ok, Warner Dean Henry, retired Marine Sergeant Major who studied martial arts since the mid to late fifties. He introduced me to Isshinryu and I have never looked back since. I once asked if he studied under Tatsuo Sense and only years later did he tell me, "The ole man always sat on the side drinking tea while I worked out with senior Marines." Ok, cool, now I are special too, yes? ;-)

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