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What is a black belt candidate?

Wow, I must be totally out of touch with today's karate  world. First, I hear for the first time a thing called a "provisional black belt" and now hear another referred to as "a black belt candidate or candidate black belt."


At this site I believe they use the term to indicate someone who is eligible to test for black belt. This sounds normal to me and does not appear to indicate some special classification of a black belt holder. It is seemingly, at this site anyway, an indication that although the test might be a bit far off that the classification of candidate means or conveys to the person that their test has begun. This makes sense to me since in my day you are tested every day. In lieu of my Sensei designating me as a candidate he conveyed this to me simply by promoting me to Ik-kyu, first level brown belt, which told me the day I put it on I was now being watched and evaluated for Sho-dan.

The Sensei at this site was kind enough to respond and let me know that it is a means of identifying and informing a person they are being considered for black belt. Thanks Sensei, kind of you to respond.


This site seems to be saying the same but a couple of quotes at least indicate strongly the sport aspects, i.e. " ... develop yourself for a Black Belt position? ... & ... Whether you are a process owner, Master Black Belt, or Champion, you will at some point need to interview candidates for an open Black Belt position. ... & ... Customer Advocacy ... etc. "

Ok, treating it like the business it is and advertising for student to apply for a black belt position. Not my cup of tea but if it works ... cool.


This one is of a candidate who had to write a paper for his eligibility. Another one that is not my cup of tea but I have used this as a means of instruction, i.e. getting them to find out more of what karate/karate-do is as to customs, etc. but not as a requirement for black belt level progression. So what, still a cool thing for those who wish to use it.

That is it, in this particular case my end thoughts are that this particular title is merely a way to let the person know they are going to be invited to demonstrate ability and proficiency to earn a black belt. This is a pretty good idea.

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