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Multiple Style Training, Is it Beneficial?

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Systems and styles, for me, seem to be more about variations in the application of principles. It would therefore answer the question, is the training in multiple systems or styles beneficial.

First, multiple systems and styles rely totally and completely on fundamental principles where the differences of a system or style become preferences.

Second, multiple systems and style presentations are beneficial to self-defense if for no other reason the exposure, exposure that makes that presentation an awareness so when encountered it will not come as a surprise causing your mind to freeze because you don’t know that is coming at you.

Third, if one truly focuses on the principles then the first and second comment become mute. Focusing on principles then applying them under the adrenal stress conditions of reality focuses your mind of your goals of applying principles to stop damage, etc. 

Here, let me put it this way, every martial artists has heard the old maxim that if you learn one system or style completely, if you master it, then all other styles are understood. That is only true if you look beyond those other styles to see the principles underneath. The old saying applies even more to kata, to learn one kata well means you learn all the other easily and quickly.

In truth, regardless of the model and method, if you spend your time learning the principles and apply that knowledge to achieve understanding the system or style is superfluous to that study, learning, practicing and understanding. A person who has studied and mastered the fundamental principles of martial disciplines can then expose themselves to the various systems and styles and will in essence know them as they are applied through the same principles. 

The maxims of old were the best way to explain the study and learning of principles for the kata is one of the best ways to learn those principles for to teach kata properly is to teach the principles, not just technique based training for performances, etc. The limits of technique based training are just surface fluff and principles cross over all other models and methods, they take you past the book cover of kata or style or system and present the story itself of the principles. 

Modern times and the advancement of understanding along with higher ability of humans to articulate due to advancement in communications, sciences, etc., provide us the ability to convey the complexities that didn’t exist in times of old. Through the advancement of modern times we have found the key to open doors that once kept limits on how knowledge and skill was taught and passed down. 

Now that we can see principles through the efforts of the sciences we can now articulate and teach them without a need to assign them to any kata, system or style. Principles make systems and styles obsolete except in fulfilling the needs of humans, tribes and societal distinctions toward our nature and natural way. 

Example, MMA was a modern attempt to bring together a variety of different systems and styles into one. It failed to achieve true cross system status over singular styles due to nature, human instincts and a focus on those principles over a collection of technique based models, i.e., karate + judo + jujutsu + wrestling, etc. When the recognition and acceptance of principles without the borders created through models or styles or systems is achieved then humans will be able to create  the “One true principles based system” born of the efforts of the many. 

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