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Is Prolonged Dynamic Tension Beneficial?

Blog Article/Post Caveat (Read First Please: Click the Link)

Beneficial as to health and/or beneficial as to martial arts and then how is it beneficial regarding both? All of these are hard to answer and, honestly, it depends on a variety of factors.

One such factor is the individual, how will prolonged dynamic tension effect them physically? I don’t mention mentally/psychologically because I truly do not believe that it directly affects our mental state except as it might if certain physical effects are caused through say, “Blood pressures on the brain, etc.”

Caveat time: I am not a medical professional and as far as I know there are not research papers on the effects of dynamic tensions against the body, etc. I make my comments in this article from personal experience and judgments from my experiences in martial arts where I do practice a form of dynamic tensioning. It is more on how I do it and mostly it is not prolonged. 

In the martial arts communities there are those who perform various forms of dynamic tensioning. In general, I find dynamic tension exercise beneficial but where things tend to fall short is on “How one does the dynamic tension exercises.”

Let me get this out now, dynamic tension as to applications or goals of self-defense are not conducive to proper applications of the fundamental principles of martial disciplines toward the application of physical self-defense. It bleeds off our flow of energy and wastes it thus making its practice as to intent important. 

Some might argue that using dynamic tension in the application of techniques is about power but except in cases where other factors actually achieve said power over a direct power generation through such dynamic tensions is present and of great concern. In general for self-defense we NEVER want to rely heavily and solely on such singular applications. 

So when talking about health and fitness we can argue that dynamic tension is of benefit but then the application of prolonged dynamic tension comes into question. I feel that the practice of prolonged dynamic tension is pretty much based on the misconception that if dynamic tension is healthy, creates fitness and works toward power and force generation if we “Do more of it” is a misnomer based on feelings, feeling stronger and powerful. It is proven that such feelings are not actually strength and/or power. 

If we accept that dynamic tension exercise is good for our health and fitness without all the other amendments, feelings and conceptions then it is good to practice it along with other fitness and health related exercises and programs. As I have done and train I left off the, “Prolonged dynamic tension” process and use a more seemingly beneficial practice of yin-yang application, i.e., an equal and rhythmic and cadence driven process of dynamic tension to positive relaxation and so on, i.e., kind of like training the physiokinetic principle of sub-principles of, “Sequential locking/unlocking, breathing, structure and alignments, etc.” 

Others have argued vehemently that their practice of prolonged dynamic tension has resulted in lower blood pressure; healthier life; being fit; and more powerful and so on but cannot, will not or are unable to provide the kind of research toward that one aspect vs. the possibility of genes being the actual source of such health benefits. 

Caveat Two: I also cannot produce any such evidence as to my viewpoint other than what I believe I gain from my use of dynamic tensioning and readily admit and accept that my current physical and mental state of health and fitness may well be due to genetics and my healthier lifestyle that includes exercise benefits of the practice of martial arts. I walk a lot and that may be my actual beneficial exercise while not experiencing any health and fitness degradation from prolonged or not prolonged dynamic tension efforts. 

In closing out this particular discussion and topic I have to say in the end how one practices, trains and applies martial arts is an individual decision and I would just add that when taking up such disciplines it is best to seek out advice from medical authorities as to benefits or detriments to such things like, “Prolonged Dynamic Tension” exercises and practices. 

Oh, as to force and power or other benefits in applying martial arts, prolonged dynamic tensions overall doesn’t really provide all that much benefit in fighting the good fight in reality. The training is just not complete and comprehensive enough one way or another to say it is a benefit. 

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