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Punches, which one is the best?

Caveat: This post is mine and mine alone. I the author of this blog assure you, the reader, that any of the opinions expressed here are my own and are a result of the way in which my meandering mind interprets a particular situation and or concept. The views expressed here are solely those of the author in his private capacity and do not in any way represent the views of other martial arts and/or conflict/violence professionals or authors of source materials. It should be quite obvious that the sources I used herein have not approved, endorsed, embraced, friended, liked, tweeted or authorized this post.

Well, in a nutshell all punches are good as they all serve a purpose. That purpose is determined by the situation, the circumstances, the targeting, the timing and the power applied. No one punch, in general, is the best or most powerful. It depends. Many will also find that the most powerful technique applied, in general, tends to be the open hand rather than the fist. Again, that also is determined in the moment as determined by the situation, the circumstances, the targeting, the timing and the power applied.

In the system I practice, Isshinryu, it is often stated that the vertical fist is the stronger punch but as often that depends, i.e., it depends on the testing model and all the variables applied as well as the bias of the testing and the group performing the tests. In very narrow parameters one punching technique and fist formation may well be superior to others but again - it depends. 

Isshinryu’s vertical fist techniques are superior in all ways, in Isshinryu as it is taught, trained, practiced and applied. All in very narrow parameters that are directed in support of and application within the “Isshinryu system.” It also depends on who is teaching the system and how they apply it also in narrow, restrictive to supplement and support that systems teachings, set of parameters, etc. In that narrow and special way, it is superior. 

In the end it is better to ignore such claims of superiority for the more inclusive coverage provided by the fundamental principles of martial disciplines/systems. In other words it is more about the proper application of principles that would provide for a particular applied techniques according to circumstances within a narrow moment in time to achieve power, speed and efficiency/proficiency to a target that comes from the application of proper “Targeting, Timing and Power Generation.” This is where principles rather than a specific technique shine bright shedding light on the subject regarding defense, combatives and fighting - civil and militarily. 

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