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I have a youtube video doing my kata, can you take a look and tell me if I have chinkuchi?

First, you can not "see" chinkuchi manifested in kata or kumite. There is no way to determine a person is or has chinkuchi and/or principles through a video. Two, the only way to determine if one has chinkuchi or principles applied is to feel it through training on the dojo floor. 

It is too limiting to see chinkuchi or principles applied through video since there are aspects that occur that are not perceived through the lens of a camera or the human eye. We can be fooled into thinking something is chinkuchi or principles. 

Take sequential locking and releasing. You can not see that and to think a strong muscle it appearance in performing karate denotes chinkuchi/principles is a mistake.

If you want to know if you are practicing correctly get on the training hall floor with one who is proficient/has expertise and determine it as you practice. 

Even then to observe chinkuchi takes someone who has pretty much mastered it over a long time of practice and who has also taught it over time. It takes an ability in perception that most karate-ka cannot or have not developed.

Even so called karate masters with high rank fail to understand the concept of chinkuchi and principles (one cannot live without the other) because they never developed the full spectrum (some manifest individual aspects of the whole and assume that is it but that fails in reality).

Am I an expert on chinkuchi/principles? 

No, yet I have a greater understanding to know that I cannot determine if one has it unless we train together over time on the training hall floor. Then maybe and mutually we karate-ka can determine the level and completeness we have gained in chinkuchi/principles.

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