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Why do karate training facilities use the terminology, i.e. Japanese terms, and why do they wear the uniform and belts, i.e. obi and karate-gi?

Good question. For me I can say that it is a symbol of the hereditary connections to the ancient martial arts of Okinawa. It is a symbol of the times in which I first began practice even tho the karate-gi is a relatively recent addition to karate-do. It is symbolic of the essence and nature of the cultural beliefs that radically affected the systems practiced today.

As to the terms, this is a definite model and method to learn more about the cultural influences of Japan and Okinawa with a historical influence from the Chinese, Korean and Indian teachings that led, carried and passed on concepts, etc. to both Japan and Okinawa. It is a means of communications that is diverse and different as light is to day when comparing to western communications. The characters/ideograms are fluid and infer greater meanings allowing them to be used in different context and as influenced by groups, etc. 

As one continues to research the cultural heritage of martial arts they can find, as I did, the strong connections and therefore strong influences on the Okinawan/Japanese social structures that led to martial arts and ways in the dojo as influenced by the cultural beliefs of every day life. 

It is also a teaching tool for those who do the work and research to find the underlying meanings that are possible from using such a communications method. The creation of these characters/ideograms also provide us a means to pursue an art form for it was this art form that was born from the early practices in writing, etc. 

In another view it is the "cool factor" for western training especially in the recent past sportive model. Today the current feelings are relinquishing the connections by not requiring or teaching the karate-gi and obi. It is becoming passé to acknowledge, wear or require the martial art uniform and belt. It is also being transitioned into a more commercialized western concept and symbol. 

As to the characters/ideograms in the west they are again a "cool factor" so a training facility can publish and advertise that they teach a traditional system of martial arts but this too is falling by the wayside due to modern influences resulting from the acceptance of things like MMA, UFC, and other like sport models. 

Very vey actually research the meaning of the words and especially the characters/ideograms and simply accept what is given in any dojo or training hall from any black belt instructor. It also allows for the cool factor in advertisements, etc. if one desires to go the extra distance to find them. 

In closing the uniform, terms and characters/ideograms are merely a learning tool for teaching the martial arts and must be taken seriously by researching and finding clarity but in reality teaching the English terminology is still going to teach a front snap kick with the ball of the foot, i.e. "Ashi no bōru o motte furontosunappukikku or 足のボールを持ってフロントスナップキック."

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