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Do kata change? Should kata change?

My theory is kata are cultural in nature and along with that culture is the concept of continuous inprovement where one never achives prefection but instead continuously continues to perfect the forms. In this practice, over time, natural instinctive nature takes over and variations to the form arrive spontaniously that fit the mental and physical predispositions of the unqueness of said person becoming "their own."

This does not mean loss of the original essence of the system or kata but rather an individual stamp on the original to suit each person. It also means one must not remain dogmatically glued to exactly what was created, that is not the spirit of the master and this is obvious in the historical stories of how the masters came to be masters.

In Okinawa as well as other Asian nations one trained for a period under a master-apprentice system then were graduated to other known systems/masters to continue training to build expertise until the parts become a whole that sometimes became, or named, a new system, style or branch. This is traditional and promotes progress.

Forms change for change is inevitable, a part of nature, and what we need to return too for nature to work for us in lieu of technology.

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