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Is fighting why we practice Karate?

Yes, surprised at the answer?

You should not be surprised because historically speaking this system of defense as it originates from Asian sources was inspired by the art of being a warrior. Even in the Marines today there is a part of boot camp dedicated to hand-to-hand combat. The ancient Greeks took this to a high degree as they were noted to be fierce warriors.

Hand to hand systems can be found in all parts of the world and in all cultures. But, there is that huge "BUT" that makes things change, natural and normal change.

Fighting should not be the soul and exclusive reason why one learns a martial system like "karate." In all ancient systems the ability to fight proficiently has been acquired on both sides of the battle lines, i.e. by the "good" and the "bad." The good being those who overcome adversaries and the bad being the vanquished. The good can be vanquished as well by the bad as history tells the story from the view and perspective of the "winners."

Any system of fighting must be tempered with a cultural belief system that governs how it is applied in life. The protectors of the morally correct have to have the tools to achieve those victories in the name of defense, protection and group preservation - this is nature's way.

Karate-jutsu didn't just become a "do or way" but simply brought out into the lime light that part that was second to the physical aspects. As all defenders find true that when the dangers are dormant they must continue to achieve proficiencies to compensate for the lull so when the need arises they are ready, able and willing to rise to the challenges. If the systems don't have some morally correct way about them they can be used for other more incorrect things, i.e. the good become the bad and the good-bad must then come to the battle field.

In this I was recently asked if karate or any marital system be utilized to "preserve one's self-respect?" I would say no, self-respect is something that cannot be recorded by a picture. It is a type of damage that does no apparent physical harm to anyone and only to the individual as a mental harm if that person allows the concept to govern them vs. them governing themselves. Using the excuse that "self-respect was at stake" is just that, an excuse for someone to do something they wanted to do in the first place. How can one avoid conflict this way?

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