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How does yin and yang work?

A complex question I go into with trepidation. I will try to explain it as simplistically as I can with the limited knowledge I have at this moment. Yin-yang is dualistic monism or a theory of dynamic relativity. When we judge something as either yin or yang we are not saying it is pure yin or pure yang but rather one or the other relative to the other.

The theory of nature is that it exists in a constant state of flux or change. It changes constantly in quality, quantity, and/or structure as to its yin-yang elements. It is an endless ebb and flow of movement of nature's processes.

Whether you are breaking something down into its atomistic parts, its particulars or whether you are considering the "whole" of something or its holistic nature you find no neutrality. Think of breathing in and out where one is either yin or yang with aspects of lesser intensity or context being yin with a bit of yang then yang with a bit of yin. When judging an entity as either yin or yang, you never do so "absolutely."

We can observe and detect a dominate yin or yang tendency, i.e. one is yin or yang relative to the other. The yin-yang symbol is an excellent representation of this yin-yang process.

To gain more insight to the true meaning of how yin-yang fit into our view of nature or the universe read the bibliography.

Stiskin, Nahum. "The Looking Glass God: Shinto, Yin Yang, and a Cosmology for Today." Weatherhill. New York. 1972.

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