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I am testing soon, what if I don't pass?

First, I don't like testing for a variety of reasons. But, the question is a good one for most practitioners so I will answer it the best I can with one caveat, it is my personal opinion - mine alone.

I have never in my entire thirty-six years witnessed a test failure. I believe that one who is, in a classical/traditional fashion, invited to test has already proven to sensei and the dojo they are capable and will pass. One reason is this and another for the more commercial versions is it is income. You pay for the test, you pay for the certificate, you pay for any accouterments like patches and you pay the governing organization.

Think of it this way, in most western training facilities if not the money then the money from enrollment and attendance. If you failed for some reason you could conceivably stop training and attending - lost income. Your friends and associates may follow your lead and stop training and attending - lost income.

This could be even worse if most followers felt you were an exceptional practitioner and you failed. Failure, especially if in front of the entire clan, can leave an impression of a lack of self-esteem, i.e. I am not going to go in front of these friends so they can see me fail.

You get the picture. If you are to test soon, go with it, have a solid and hard practice/training and let the chips fall where they may. Keep your mind in the moment and give no thought to anything other than what you going to do at that moment.

Now, I feel many of you may have guessed that I have actually skirted the question completely here so let me truly answer it now. Roadblocks are gift. When we encounter adversity we should look at it as an opportunity. A way to develop our character and stimulate ourselves to greater efforts. In the yin-yang holistic monism of the universe we would not exist if not for both adversity and prosperity where the ebb and flow of one and the other make us human.

A test failure is an opportunity for the individual to show what their hara is truly made of, their spirit and their intestinal fortitude.

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  1. Nice article. I agree that if you've been invited to test then that means you have already proven you can pass.