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How do I find a person expert in bunkai? Kata? Kumite? Sport tournament? Combat?

This question was asked and answered in the recent Classical Fighting Arts periodical, i.e. Vol. 2 No. 22 (Issue #45). I really appreciated the answer they would give, "Any legitimate karate teacher should be capable of teaching a complete system, regardless of the style."

I want to go a bit further in explaining that answer. Unlike such disciplines as medical where one can be a specialist/expert on just one aspect of the entire/whole medical field, i.e. a ear, nose, throat doctor; a urologist; a pediatrician; a general practitioner, etc. the system of martial arts is that one system that is so interconnected and reliant on each part as a whole it cannot be adequately separated into specialties as kata person, free-style kumite person, etc.

The martial systems we have that are classical/traditional to today's variant are still and always will be a "whole system" that is comprised of those many parts that make it whole or "one." In order to teach a system adequately and completely one must learn and instruct/mentor/teach all facets of said systems from the fundamental principles of martial systems all the way to the combative/defensive/protective applications.

In my humble opinion if you find a teacher who teaches/specializes in teaching only kata then the system is going to be incomplete and that teaching may not be whole in and of itself either since even kata is broken down, atomistic, into parts for teaching and learning that must be re-assembled by the individual into a holistic "whole system" to have it "work." I would avoid that and continue to seek out a whole system of learning the martial arts.

Even today many teachers are "lacking in cohesive expertise" since many never learned "bunkai" or "fundamental principles of martial systems" from their instructors therefore are unable to pass those gems of knowledge to their students. In their defense many today are working diligently to fill in the "gapping holes" in their knowledge and expertise - this is really, really good for the systems.

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