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"Ideally, your self-defense will never get physical. Avoiding the situation and running or talking you way out - either of these is a higher order of strategy than winning a physical battle." - Wise Words of Rory Miller, Facing Violence: Chapter 7: after, subparagraph 7.1:medical

"Read not to contradict and confute; nor to believe and take for granted; nor to find talk and discourse; but to weigh and consider..." - Francis Bacon

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What are martial systems good for other than fighting?

First one must understand that the essence of martial systems is a physio-psychological sensitivity to the structure and direction of movement within  nature, i.e. constituting nature. If we fail to recognize this true essence then it will become a physical means of dominance toward man. This is in direct contradiction to the true meaning of the way.

One must strengthen and refine the physical center (hara: haragei) of the individual. Only when the self is balance and in harmony can it achieve the same in society. Once the self is fully centered and the centering is centered in the physical body, the hara, only then can one achieve a harmonious unification, i.e. create a holistic whole, wholeheartedly, of the entire self.

This is accomplished through diet, physical activity (karate-jutsu-do to name one means), mental activity, establishment of order (in its most basic state achieved through kata or shikata of life), by serving others (the senpai/kohai and dojo community achieves this so the individual can express and achieve this in the greater society), and self-reflection (to look into the mirror of self and truly see both sides of self).

When we add the yin, i.e. mental activities, etc., to the yang, i.e. kihon, kata and kumite of karate-do, we achieve a whole that begins to train the intuitive aspects of the mind so that it may lead the body toward a holistic practice in both physical and spiritual domains.

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