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Can we have associations or governing organizations and not politics governed by commercialism?

I have read many articles about the governing bodies for martial systems and find it impossible to find just one that is not governed by money, commercialism and internal politics. It begs me to question my views on the need for any governing bodies outside the Sensei and the Sensei Dojo.

I see martial systems as an extremely personal endeavor that has the potential to stretch beyond the person and embrace others, i.e. family, friends and society as a whole. I feel that to allow others to validate and dictate what martial systems means and does for you the person unproductive. Too many variables exists to allow someone else to drive how you practice, train and apply martial systems. It is the person's responsibility solely to dictate to themselves how to practice, train and apply their martial system.

To often we find ourselves pushing responsibility for our actions and deeds onto others to excuse our lack of self-reflection. It is understandable the great difficulty lying in the act of self-reflection but this is the, or one of, the core components of martial practice. If you apply it incorrectly resulting in actions taken legally and morally it is not the fault of the Sensei but solely your responsibility, you the individual who took up the practice.

It is most easy to lay blame on our actions toward others and it is most difficult to lay blame at our own door for self-reflection and taking of responsibility for that action.

Isn't this the whole point of martial system practice.

Back to the subject, it is a question each of us has to answer for ourselves. Maybe it is a yang-yin answer. Yang in that we allow Sensei and his beliefs, perceptions and governing to lead us on the initial path of the martial system but it must shift naturally as dictated by the rules of the universe to shift toward the yin side where we take what it learned and make it our own thus taking full and complete responsibility for what we practice, train and apply regarding the yin-yang of martial systems - physical and spiritual whole.

If a governing body could take on a more neutral role in providing "guidance" not "dictatorial rules and requirements" for those who choose to follow the way then maybe that is a way to have both worlds, i.e. a balancing of yin-yang. It would take a great deal of effort and work to face and then discard the temptations of such organizations, i.e. politics, power and money.

I could see a governing board of advisors for Okinawan karate where they provide guidance in running the Sensei dojo and on teaching the system, in a general way, so as to not restrict or hinder progress on a personal and individual level.

Then again, I have a dream - many dreams. Some come to reality and most are dreams I continue to enjoy and strive to bring forth into reality. It is just part of my way.

It occurs to me that mostly, my personal perspective, view and belief; subjugation to the authoritarian rule of governing bodies where profit, control and authority are primary one becomes subject to involuntary requirements that cost the individual both their individuality and spirit where by those commodities are of primary concern to the practitioner of the martial systems. 

There are some well-intentioned good governing bodies out there for the martial systems practiced in the West. I have yet to find one that isn't geared toward the many topics of which I write above but then again that is simply my experience to date. There is always room for change and I hope one day to meet and greet such a martial system governing body.

In defense of those bodies out there today, I can say their success and failures can be attributed to one immutable fact, the lack of participation by its individual members.

Oh, if you have a governing body that you respect and feel does not fit this description then don't feel you have to defend your org with a comment, it ain't necessary.

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