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Does "kiai" work?

The art of kiai works. It is not exclusive to martial arts either. Kiai is in every culture although not under that specific term. Typically regarding Japanese culture they have refined the art of kiai to a degree most other countries and cultures have not but kiai, a primal shout for a persons spirit, is built into every culture of the world.

I am a Marine. I served for ten years on active duty. The kiai of Marines like the kiai of the different Japanese dojo is distinct and unique to the Marines. When I say distinct and unique I am not say the word or syllable or terse sound by themselves but rather the spirit you detect that says U. S. Marines when you hear it.

Often, you see it written as "Oh (ewww) Rah (Ra)." When the single syllable sound is shouted then you know. The Oh-Rah simply spoken version is a quiet camaraderie version between Marines. The Kiai is similar as to the spirit shout.

The other military organizations of the United States also have their own Navy, Army or Air Force kiai. Greek warriors of old had one. You hear it all the time when a huddle is broken to start the next play.

When the Mongols rode off to conquer a world they had a shout too. The Roman's at the battle line did the same. The Germans during WWI as they would leave the trenches to attack the opposing line/trenches would shout.

The Viet Cong in Viet Nam would use it for psychological warfare at night, etc. using sometimes loud speaker systems to make noises. As soldiers have done over the history of man they growl, shout and yell as they charge the hill. There is something primal in the kiai of the world.

So, does kiai work? You betcha! If you tend to use one in martial training you might want to consider what it is. I understand different dojo in Japan had a unique word or sound they used for kiai that distinguished that dojo, system, style of martial art. If I use one, there is a silent kiai too, I stick with the tried, true and traditional Marine kiai.

Grrrrraaahhhhhh Ohhh-Rahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, Semper Fi, Do or Die - Mariiiiiiinnnnnnnnnneeeee Corps!!!!!

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