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What's up with the Loose Knot?

Recently I asked a forum group if they could identify the term used to describe the knot used to tie the martial art obi, i.e. karate, judo, etc. I was visiting a dojo recently and noticed a trend, maybe, of black belts wearing their obi with the knot loose. It was not a tight but one that had clear space around and through the knot that you could see through across the room.

Apparently black belts are not the only ones as the only snap shot I could find was the one you see here. I wonder what this says about the person if anything. I can say several thoughts traveled through my mind.

Much like the time in a dojo where I was a guest Sensei I observed a black belt wearing a clean but very wrinkled karate-gi. The obi was not even at the ends, it was very very long (almost down to his knees) and it was tied loosely with an open knot and down around the hips cocked forward and his thumbs were hooked into the front by the loose knot with feet far apart, etc. Does this speak to the person's attitude? Does it speak to his position as Sensei or Associate Sensei? What does it, if anything, say as to this person's ability to lead?

This seems to fall under the requirement that once a person decides to be a black belt and especially to "teach" that they must assume a certain level of professionalism that speaks, projects and feels like someone who leads by example. What you say and "do" speaks volumes beyond mere words spoken. Communications depend mostly on such things as the body language. What you project tells more than any certificate, any trophy and any color belt.

I have seen "kyu graded" folks who project more than some very highly graded karate-ka. I will admit that some of my examples fall into the category of military bearing. This is due to my history, training and belief system but if you were in a meeting and the chairman walked in unshaven, hair disheveled and wearing pajama's (no pun intended toward the gi :-) would you have respect for that person?

The adjacent picture of the karate-gi with naming is one that projects, from my beliefs and views, what a karate-ka should look like in the uniform. Note that the belt is comfortable, secured properly and of a acceptable length. A pressed uniform with the body maintained, i.e. fingernails trimmed, hair neat, body clean and oder free and so on, denotes a person who cares about themselves and cares about what they project to those who are going to look up to them in the dojo, yes?

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