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Holistic and Atomistic = Oscillistic

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A new term. It cannot be found in a dictionary or online, the Internet. It is a word I created today to explain the need for martial systems to recognize the two extremes, i.e. Yang-Atomistic and Yin-Holistic, in the practice of the system as a whole of all its parts. The new word is "oscillistic." Here is how I am defining it and it will be further explained by example.

Oscillistic, the movement from one end of the spectrum to the other with focus, intention and purpose. The ability to move smoothly between a holistic aspect into a atomistic and back again. A fundamental of all martial systems in the application of the particular system in combat.

In dojo kumite there are two distinctions as to fighting. It involves a perception of time. We humans live in or between two concepts of time, one being monochronic and the second being polychronic. Edward T. Hall, author of "The Dance of Life: The Other Dimensions of Time," using the shorter terms of M-time and P-time.

M-time is very linear in its extreme position. One would say it is a form of time where one event occurs at a time to the exclusion of all others. Look at it as a direct focus on one task fundamentally blocking out other tasks until the one is completed. This is a simplistic explanation and you would benefit from reading the book and doing further research beyond this post.

P-time is on the holistic end of the spectrum. One would say this is a form of time that allows many events to occur and be viewed, felt, heard as a whole entity. Look at it as a more multitask type effort. The practitioner is aware more of all events in their environment and is able to quickly move between one or more events as necessary.

Both M-time and P-time, holistic and atomistic, etc., have as you would imagine both pro's and con's. A person who is dominant in one or the other and who is unable to move between both may suffer certain affects and limitations. Ideally one should be able to utilize either mode to live life and handle events, occurrences and scenarios.

In marital systems a fledgling practitioners should gravitate toward the more atomistic using the focus and awareness of M-time. It is a learning stage where understanding and knowledge of all the parts at the lowest level, i.e. atom level, is important to build the base, the foundation, necessary to take the parts and reassemble them into the whole, holistic, of the entire system.

It can be said that the holistic aspect of martial arts is the ability to see, hear and grasp the entirety of those individual styles to understand the cross over of fundamental principles and psychological aspects that are common and unchanging between the styles. The atomistic aspects kicks in for the individual styles that each clan or dojo practices. The style that has a rhythm, the synchrony -synchronic frequency, the resonates with all the participants making a cohesive dojo, clan or tribe.

Now, how can I provide a distinct example to what is meant by Holistic vs. Atomistic before I blend them into the Oscillistic form. Back to the kumite. Most dojo teach beginners a very basic type of skill. It tends to be very linear. You can see this in tournaments, etc. where they tend to go directly forward straight into their opponent. It can be seen as a single line that is followed where the tori-uke move in a line forward and backward. You see this a lot.

The more holistic aspect of combat is utilizing all directions and all sides along with variances in other dimensional directions. Now how can I get this from the words to the mind. Take a look at youtube clips of typical karate kumite or tournament contests. The contestants focus is directly forward to the threat or opponent. They see, hear and contact only the one individual directly in front of them. Take a look at youtube clips of Aikido, especially those of high level practitioners with three or more uke. This is a holistic approach and if I have it right Aikido'ist start like karate kumite and the greatest difference is as they progress they expand from a atomistic/M-time training approach into a holistic/P-time ability where they are seeing, hearing and grasping in multi-tasking-direction-threat/opponent levels.

Karate Tournament Sparring: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3vE_Rk9sGNs

It seems on the initial view they are moving in more than one direction but notice a type of synchrony where both are actually remaining in a linear kamae to one another and allowing the two connected participants to merely circle one way or the other. This is my view of a false sense of strategy where neither is actually moving off center of the other. They have actually formed a synchrony that is not conducive to combat, fights or assaults outside the sport. Don't even get me started on the "bouncy-bouncy" stuff.

Aikido Demonstration: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aicHsMC6rxM

This is a one on one and you will see how they move subtly off center and move in many directions. Then it moves to two against one and you see how it is a variety of directions and always moving off center using all sides and directions with a circular aspect indicative of the aikido teachings. This is moving into a holistic approach moving away from the atomistic.

Watch this 4th Dan demonstration: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ljM6TmGoV70&feature=related

No head to head but rather uke direct attack and tori moving off center, etc.

In my new term oscillistic the practitioner takes the holistic of the system, breaks it down into its parts or atomistic and then as they achieve proficiency, knowledge and experience they take the atomistic and build a holistic, and personally unique, system of their own where they can move into holistic application that moves back and forth from a slight atomistic to holistic and back as required to apply the system against threats, attacks or assaults.

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