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How much of the martial arts are tied to the belt system?

Interesting question. I suspect that in this country a good deal is tied to the belt system with the ultimate goal of achieving a black belt. Symbolism is meant to represent some thing, some times an intangible thing. A symbol is usually attributed to some idea or quality. An object or some facts. It expresses some meaning or expression of  an intangible by means of a visible, tangible, object, picture, etc.

What has occurred in modern times is the loss of the symbol where it becomes the goal. Goals are all fine and good. They provide us a means to set or processes and achievements such that a goal or goals become realized while allowing additional goals to be created during the process.

There is also some need that humans apparently must have that validates how they feel when the do something - a symbol of accomplishment. This is subjective in today's martial art world simply because there has been no solidarity in a view that all can accept as to what requirements are needed to earn a level symbolized by some colored material worn around the waist.

We go even further when we allow the "symbol" to wear in use to some faded representation of another idea that builds on the original. The faded and worn belt thus symbolizes age, length of time in practice, of a practitioner.

Then what do we do when humans subvert the symbol into something that is less than it is originally purported to be? What would happen to the martial arts or systems if suddenly there were no colored belts, no designation as to rank, rate or level by some colored belt and that actual proficiency in applying the system moved to center stage?

If a person walked into a dojo, donned a uniform or simply wore a sweat suit and then simply practiced for the benefits of practice, would that end the martial arts? Would enrollment suddenly disappear? Would there be a mass exodus out the dojo door? What would be said if no one could profess to the honor of wearing a black belt?

How would that change you, your abilities, your knowledge, your efficiency, your proficiency and your ability to apply it in all facets?

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