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"Ideally, your self-defense will never get physical. Avoiding the situation and running or talking you way out - either of these is a higher order of strategy than winning a physical battle." - Wise Words of Rory Miller, Facing Violence: Chapter 7: after, subparagraph 7.1:medical

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Why do I need to learn Verbal Self-Defense?

We are martial artists. We have practiced many years to achieve a level of proficiency in handling the physical side of fighting, protection, and/or self-defense and that is a good thing. We are training to handle that technique, that attack, that physical action taken against us, our loved ones, in protection of the weaker, etc. So, why bother with VSD?

Let me begin by asking two questions, 1 - How often do you find yourself in a physical fight and 2 - how often do you get into a physical altercation or how often do fights come along in your life? I can truthfully say as a younger, less experienced, and more full of pride and ego youth I got into a few yet in the last thirty years I have not gotten into one single fight. I will also add I have not gotten into one violent encounter where I was attacked on the street indiscriminately - or so I would think.

Then I have to consider the next thought and that it is a rare occasion when one needs the physical skills of a martial artist. I am not including the training/practice in the training hall, the tournament, in seminars, or for any type of martial arts exhibitions/demonstrations. This happens constantly for martial artists yet it is not the street, not fighting, and not violent attacks, etc.

Lastly, there are many conflicts encountered by all of us almost daily. Think about what a conflict is and you will see it stretches far beyond fists flying like Bruce Lee's fists of fury. In most cases in the conflicts I am alluding to you would find that using your physical marital skills would get you fired, arrested, or all the above. Even if you are in the discipline where the danger of physical violence is a part you will still have to find alternatives to the physical or suffer repercussions like censure, complaints from recipients or family of same, malpractice complaints and lawsuits, and any other similar issues.

In closing one must take into consideration that which would govern the actual tactics and techniques that would in all likelihood be the most usable techniques to stop conflicts. Remember a few points: a - physical violence happens about once for every several hundreds of conflicts, and b - almost all of the physical attacks are preceded by "verbal attacks." You will have some action that hits on someone's pride or ego, you will have words, then hostile body language, i.e. bumping chests, etc., and then the hitting. Up to that point you always have a means of avoidance through adequate verbal self-defense, communications.

Take up the practice and training of verbal self defense. Learn to communicate, deescalate, and avoid physical and verbal violence. Nip it all in the bud long before it actually takes on a dangerous theme.

Elgin, Dr. Suzette Haden. Why You Need to Master Verbal Self-Defense. date unknown.

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