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What does "humility" mean to you (me)?

First, read the post by Sue at "My Journey to Black Belt."

I remember once long ago while instructing my system at the Naval Weapons Station Concord California, as a civilian karate-ka, when a person spoke up about an article in the base newspaper. He mentioned that it was a bit forward of me to promote health and such via karate while holding a cigarette in my hand. You see, the picture along with the article had me at my work desk so they took a photo out of the karate-gi and I held a black pen in my hand, between my first and second fingers much like a smoker.

The moral here is a persons perceptions can be askew with out all the facts about such things. So, before I go into what humility means to me I just want to say that a blanket statement from a stranger to another stranger with out full understanding and proper perspective means diddly.

Sue, there is nothing haughty or prideful in your blog, at least from my point of view.

When we think of humility outside the world of martial arts we consider a person to be without a false sense of pride. To be at a level of modesty that is accepted by a society/group/tribe as appropriate. It can be a feeling within or a feeling another has who may know of you. It can be a diligent personality trait, both natural and learned, that says you do things in life out of the goodness of your heart. It can be a spirit that exudes a feeling when others are in close proximity. It can be demonstrated in simple conversations. Some might think it a type of charisma. It can be the absence of the tendency to boast. Vanity is not apparent or present.

I think of Mother Teresa when I think of humility both spiritual and outwardly. Mother Teresa should be the level of humility we seek in our lives. If in doubt simply look her up in google and take a moment to read and be reminded. I am not saying drop everything, take up a religious stance, and go around the world doing the kind of unselfish things she did, that would not be proper. Just take the time to realize that you can achieve great things in a humble way by following her example. There are others we can look to as well.

How about Ghandhi, don't you think he can be an example. But I am skirting the issue as to the question where I must come up with my own answer as to what humility means to me.

I guess I have to say just one thing, "Asked and Answered." It matters not whether your a MA practitioner or a school teacher or a minister or another Mother Teresa, humility is something that transcends any one thing much like my view of fundamental martial principles that also transcend all systems and those who practice them.

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