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Kata: Does it really provide the training for "Life and Death" situations?

No, let me repeat this answer, No! Even the Marines cannot train you to handle life and death situations. They can do their best to prepare you for the eventuality yet until you encounter one you will not be trained for it. Life and death situations, in my view, are learned by OJT - on the job training in combat.

Karate is a fighting system. It is today mostly the monkey dance variety and if lucky will provide something for those rare predatory type violent encounters - maybe. Due to the natural mother nature driven encoded instincts within each of us to not kill, not talking about the rare sociopath/psychopath, we will do many things unconsciously/consciously to avoid killing another human. We will even need to build up through stages the ability to harm, i.e. beat the crap out of a human, another human being and for most will still balk at it when the monkey dance is on.

So, prepare you for life and death? No. If you feel that you need to prepare for a life and death struggle you may want to perform a self-analysis of your life. If you determine you need this type of training then either do one of three things. One, remove yourself from the life. Two, join the Marines, go to combat, survive, and then find a civil system that will take your life and death combat experience and translate it to the civilian system for protection be it boxing, martial art system, or three, realize your ego has taken the monkey out of its cage and ... ? [wake up dude]

Common, get real guys, if your using this sound bite is it really because you work or live in a situation where your life is in danger or is it to give you some sense of ability to soothe your ego and such stuff?

Needless to say, I am in a real mood today ...

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