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Gorin no sho

Gorin refers to the five elements that are representative of the Buddhist belief of the five elements, i.e. earth, water, fire, wind, and void/air. The Gorin-no-sho is a book of five elements which loosely connects to the buddhist belief of these five ergo the chapters referencing each and the content related to traits inherent to those five elements, etc.

First point, the actions depicted in the current narratives and drama's about Musashi are based on legend and fiction. This will lead me to believe that most of what we understand and believe of this legendary folklore type person is in all probability false. At the very least the stories have been dramatized and vilified to an exalted position no real person could possibly live up to then and today.

Second point, the book has been referenced as the "book of five rings" which seems inaccurate since the reference shown here provides a more realistic view of the five elements. I believe that the five rings reference was created by an author who wrote a book where the actual chapters were in align with those five elements in the gorin-no-sho. Much like movie's, etc. this can take on a life of its own thus leaving us to believe it is rings vs. elements.

Third, not the less important point, the writings of Musashi tend to validate many of the instruction/teachings of the classical instructor of today. In many of the quotes I will provide in follow up posts it becomes apparent that the martial arts thrives only as an art when it takes into account both sides of the practice and training coin - both physical and mental, i.e. academia oriented training/study.

All in all the book and this particular chapter provides further insight into the Musashi Martial connection we have incorporated into our practice of such as karate. It goes a bit further in a manner different and clearer than the ken-po goku-i that the physical and mental aspects are important in maintaining balance in all martial systems.

五輪の庄 - Gorin no sho: book of five elements [ 書籍 - book; 五 - five; 要素 - an element; 五要素 - five elements ]

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